3 Month


Getting things on paper is such an obvious but important step toward meeting a goal.

Most of the time, we sort of tumble into an activity instead of planning out what we want and how we’ll get there.

This Social Strategy will give you clarity around your goals - and more importantly, step you through what you need to do to achieve them!

1st Month


First things first, we’ll meet to get to know a bit more about your business. We’ll brainstorm some ideas around what you’re wanting to achieve through Social Media for your business (it’s okay if you’re not 100% sure!).

Next, it’s research time! We’ll have a good look at your Social Networks and your Business Digital Footprint in general. We’ll ensure your business is looking good and your accounts are properly set up, as well as having a good look at what’s working and what’s not - for you and your competitors.

Then, we'll introducing your new Social Strategy!!! This is the exciting part - the part where you breathe a sigh of relief and go ‘Yes! Let’s do this!’. We'll walk you through your new Social Strategy which comes complete with an easy-to-follow plan for your Social Media including: what to post, when to post, how often to post and weekly/monthly steps to take to meet your goals!

2nd Month


After being presented with your Social Media Strategy, you would now have had a month following it. In the 2nd Month we will do a full Social Media audit for you so you can see and understand your progress, and then we will talk about how you can build on what you're doing and any questions you may have.

We will also give you training on the Social Media platforms you're using so that you get a deeper understanding on how it all works and what is possible for your business!

3rd Month


For the third and final month of our programme we will meet again for a monthly audit / review of where you're at. By now you will be smashing your goals and seeing some cool results from your Social Networks.

This final month catch up is to go over any questions you may have, look at your progress and some more training on what you can do to further your results.

By the end of this session you will feel clear in what you need to do, how to do it and have the confidence to run your business's Social Media!

What's in your


Establish Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve on social media is the first step toward success. Together we will identify business objectives social media can help you achieve, then list social objectives that support those goals.

Social Media Audit and Clean Up

Next we will do an analysis of all your social media accounts. We’ll make sure they are set up correctly, have the right information on them, and make sure there are no duplicates or abandoned profiles floating about (it happens more than you think!).

Competitor Analysis

Here we put on our detective hats and investigate what your competition is doing on Social Media. We’ll track what’s working and what’s not (and what you can do better!).

Establish your Target Audience

Together we’ll look at your current customers, dream customers, look at where they hang out and create your customer Persona to help with future targeting.

Establish Brand Voice and Tone

Together we’ll find your brand voice and tone to help you keep all of your messages cohesive!

Your Social Media Blueprint For Success!

Now that we’ve done our research, we can put together your strategy! This will include the types of content you should be creating, types of content to curate, your content purpose, posting frequency and a monthly calendar to help you plan your social media!

If you need targeted, personalised, schooling on social media to help clarify all the mysteries entailed, you CANNOT find anyone better than Tyne. With her open friendly personality and extensive knowledge she will work with you to get you where you need to be so you can spread your wings and get your own social media taking flight!

- Julie Bell, Viva Dance

Tyne is awesome, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about social media. If you have a business page but are not making the most of it. Then speak to Tyne she will look after you. AAA+++

- Alex Matheson, Loan Market

Awesome service - Tyne took our business website and Facebook page from non-existent to pumping, we highly recommend!

- Cassandra Keegan, Kumeu Gym


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